Where a Zionist Legend Comes in a Jar

Wind your way among the date palms flourishing at Kinneret Farm, and you will find the beating heart of history. Here, the farm’s stirring Zionist legend began with the vision of the pioneers – the original members of the Kinneret kibbutz – and their dream of reintroducing dates to the Holy Land.

The pioneers began with just a few coins in their pockets, but they had endless faith in a journey that also had no end in sight. Armed only with the bold vision of famous agronomist Shmuel Stoller, pioneers Ben-Zion Israeli and Amram Raver set out on Operation Date Palm. The intrepid pioneers made their way via Beirut, Damascus, and Iran, traveling between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers into Iraq, navigating many dangers and winding routes through hostile territory, until they finally discovered the coveted date palm offshoots. This precious cargo was smuggled across enemy borders on camels and trucks, with only one hope in the pioneers’ hearts – their dream of returning dates to the Land of Israel so many centuries after the Babylonian exile.

When the heroic pioneers returned, the offshoots were first planted in the garden of Rachel the Poetess and began to thrive, spreading into the valley on the shores of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and reviving the wilderness all the way to Mount Sodom. The date palm had finally come home.

“To conquer the wilderness, one must be stubborn, methodical, experienced, and wise,”

Ben-Zion Israeli wrote in one of his travel journals.

Now, 80 years later, Kinneret Farm continues to use the experience and wisdom that guided the pioneers so well on their journey. Their vision lives on with every harvest of the date orchards above the lake, as the fruit is packed into boxes and its syrup is poured into jars, each one containing the very essence of the Zionist spirit that flourishes at Kinneret Farm.

Kinneret Farm produces the full spectrum of date varieties, bursting with healthy and energizing nutritional qualities, including natural silan date honey and silan spreads in a range of wonderful flavors – halva, nuts, and chocolate mixed with pure date honey. Each of these represents the very essence of the dream that began in the hearts of the pioneers and today still inspires every kibbutz member.

And this is why Kinneret Farm products don’t only contain the finest dates, but decades of history as well.